The memory of a particular image is but regret for a particular moment"…………..Marcel Proust.

To what can we attribute the factors which provoke our memory. Is it the simply the engagement of our five senses, or can it have determined to something more, something intangible? Remembrances inspired by a specific time and place can also be linked to images which have existed within them. My work is centered around these instances.

With time passing at an exponential rate and a ‘forced’ adherence to technology within this digital age, reflections of a culture past begin to grow remotely dimmer, leaving only a pale and disintegrating trace of what once was. This body of work uses familiar representations derived from multiple genres. i.e., music, film, television, and pop culture several decades removed to evoke such memory. Through the use of faded, peeling and de-saturated shards of handmade paper I have intended to give the viewer a wistful, yet haunting reminder of a previous era.